2700k vs. 3000k Lighting; Which is the Best for your Home Lighting?


Lighting is an integral part of any home setup. If you want to start a project on light installation around your home, explore the light fixtures available. You should always pay attention to the color temperature, as it will determine how your lighting will appear. The 2700k and 3000k are popular white lights suitable for accent and task lighting. They give your home a sophisticated look and light up areas that are hardly seen. This blog will discuss 2700k vs.3000k lighting to give you a glimpse of what to expect if you install them in your home.

The Difference Between 2700k vs. 3000k Lighting Options

A “shade lamp” illuminating 3000k lighting

A “shade lamp” illuminating 3000k lighting

2700k Lighting

A 2700k lighting mimics candlelight. It is a lighting fixture that emits light through the traditional incandescent bulb. When you measure the 2700k on a kelvin scale, it reaches 2700 degrees, which produces a warm yellow color.

The 2700k lights are suitable for task lighting and are good for directional lighting. The standard output of 2700k LEDs is around 1100 lumens at 80 CRI. 

3700k Lighting

These are warm white colors for your room because they produce a white or yellowish color. The bulb temperatures in the 3000k have brighter and white light. The LED light bulb of 3700k lighting is 1600 lumens. They are ideal for living rooms and outdoor living as they create the perfect atmosphere.

How To Choose Between 2700k and 3000k Lighting

An example of 3000k lighting

An example of 3000k lighting

While choosing between 2700k vs. 3000k lighting for your home, you should consider the purpose of lighting and color rendering index.

The primary purpose of your lighting will help you focus your light. A perfect example would be using 3000k LEDs to light your cabinets. This is the best option because they provide general ambient lighting. On the other hand, choose 2700k LEDs if you need bright task lighting.

A color rendering index is also great because it will show how a combination of colors looks under artificial and natural light. It would be best to use 100 CRI colors because it enables you to see any color of an object in your home.

With that in mind, here are some lighting options for different rooms and outdoor settings to guide you in picking the best for your rooms.

2700k vs. 3000k for Living Room Lighting

Both 2700k and 3000k lighting are perfect choices for living room lighting. They produce a warm light that creates a relaxing mood in your living room. Always ensure they fit into your home decor when you install them to achieve your desired lighting atmosphere.

A 2700k looks perfect and exquisite with earth tones and wood grains. Ideally, these two color temperatures match traditional and transitional-style living rooms. A cooler color temperature of over 3000k will serve better if you have a modern living room.

2700k vs. 3000k Lighting for Kitchen

Kitchen with 2700k lighting

Kitchen with 2700k lighting

The best way of choosing between 2700k vs. 3000k lighting for your kitchen is by understanding the purpose of the light. You should also consider the tasks you will be using the lights. This is a perfect criterion for making the right choice if you want to consider a trade ideal color temperature.

On the flip side, if your cabinets are lighter, 2700k LEDs bulbs will serve better because they offer you the best lighting temperature without being too much for your space.

The best colors for earthy tones are warm white and soft white, which are suitable for making the wood’s grain pop. Most residential settings usually have 2700K or 3000K. However,  for kitchens with white cabinets and a modern design, 3000K bulbs would be preferable to 2000k ones. The lower temperature colors may make your cabinets dull. 

2700k vs. 3000k for Bedroom Lighting

The colors and tones of your bedroom lighting play a critical role in making your room comfortable and more appealing. This is because they make your bedroom warmer, which makes you feel more relaxed. They are also cool and help you focus and work. If you consider your bedroom a haven for relaxation, pick a 2700k light. Similarly, if you want to use it for work or studying, consider 3000k instead. Ultimately, it all comes down to the purpose you prefer your bedroom to serve.

2700k vs. 3000k for Bathroom Lighting

You need bright lighting in your bathrooms. That is why 3000k or more is good lighting for bathrooms. These are also called soft-white and cool-white. They make your bathroom look bright and vibrant.

Entertaining Areas

When lighting your entertaining areas, 2700k vs. 3000k landscape lighting is the right choice. That is because the two are warm whites and not shouting. They bring out the right mood for relaxing. 

Garden Lighting.

The perfect lighting for your garden will range over 3000k to highlight the most beautiful areas and give it a natural light look. It might not be best to install a 2700k vs. 3000k landscape lighting. 


Due to their similarity on the Kelvin scale, the 2700K vs.3000K lighting appears slightly different. However, each light has unique qualities that affect how you can use them. For instance, 2700K lights are warmer, while 3000K lights are whitish. To choose the ideal one, you must consider various factors, such as your house’s interior, furniture, and wall paints. But ultimately, it all comes down to personal choices. For instance, some people love how 2700k looks, while others prefer the 3000k due to their bright natures.

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