Beach Style Lighting: Amazing Ideas to Recreate Your Home


Few ideas can transform your home into a relaxation haven, but none does it better than lights with coastal designs. And you can choose from many beach-style lighting. In truth, they may come in elegant chandeliers, seashells, tropical-styled table lamps, and other styles to bring the beach to your home.

But what is beach-style lighting? And how can you use them to brighten your home?  We’ll explain everything about beach-style lighting and various examples to help you get started.

What are Beach-Style Lights?

Table beach-style lamp

Table beach-style lamp

Beach-style lights refer to lamps that embody a coastal touch or design. Usually, these lighting styles have catchy beachy aesthetics and use unique color palettes, natural textures, materials & personalized accents.

In addition, all features combined can help transform your plain space into a summery hideaway. 

Also, you can call these lights nautical decor or coastal lights. And they’re not for beach-adjacent houses only. Anyone can use these lights, whether they live a few steps from the coast or in a metropolis.

Four Best Beach-style Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Nautical room with ample beach-style light

Nautical room with ample beach-style light

Here are some lighting ideas to get you started on your coastal redesign.

Boat Themed Lamps

Rope lamp

Rope lamp

Do you live in a home near the coast, or do you have a thing for boats? Then, you’d love boat-themed lamps. 

These options look like actual boats or replicate hardware you’d usually find on a ship. In addition, you can choose lights with boat-related graphics and prints.

Capiz Shell Beach House Light Fixture

This beautiful beach lighting style looks perfect in a kitchen’s entryway. Also, you can use these lighting styles in hallways and stairs. The capiz seashells design forms a flower sphere and exudes a gorgeous radiance.

Beach-Style Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant lamp

Pendant lamp

Pendant lighting is perfect for designing any modern coastal home (inside or outside). Usually, these lights hang from the ceiling with ropes, which adds an extra natural aesthetic to your space.

Exciting Side Table Lamps

Sometimes, your room may require more than hanging and flush mount lighting. And a creative table lamp with a few creative ideas can do the trick. 

For instance, you can opt for a triple gourd lamp and blend it with a modern coastal bedroom. Or, add a beach-style touch to plain spaces.

Tips on How to Create Beach-Themed Lighting

Switching from basic fixtures to coastal lighting styles is not challenging. But here are a few styling tips to help you easily incorporate an outstanding and airy beachy fashion into your home.

Choose Natural-Looking Lamp Shades and Textures

Woven textures and natural materials like driftwood, rope, shells, and seagrass can make your nautical lights feel down-to-earth. So, you can use these styles on hanging lights, floor, and table lamps.

Opting for lamps with natural textures and shade will soften your space and make it more relaxing. Also, it will incorporate a trendy, boho aesthetic to your room and provide you with a coastal, chic home.

Use Ropes to Replicate a Seaside Feel

You can have beach aesthetics without natural tones and textures. And ropes are popular decorative items used for coastal interior designs.

Lighting options like beach-styled hanging lights and coastal pendant lights using rope, loosely woven textures, and netting will naturally showcase a seaside vibe. Additionally, you can place these options as chandeliers over dining tables, lanterns in hallways & foyers, and pendant lights over kitchen islands.

Add Coastal Bathroom and Outdoor Fixtures

Adding coastal effects to outdoor and bathroom areas is perfect for finishing touches. Such fixtures will help improve the overall aesthetic of your beach-styled home. Further, you can use coastal wall lights for exterior spaces and baths, as both areas need task lighting.

For bathrooms, nautical vanity lights are great for illuminating mirror areas. On the other hand, outdoor beach-style lights will brighten patios, decks, and porches. Also, you can enjoy a subtle beach look with cage-shaped vanity lights (closely resembling ship hardware).

Select Lights Replicating Seaside Textures

Other typical beach-style lighting options include shell chandeliers and ceiling lights. Also, blue glass pendant lights add a casual look to your home. Then, you can nail the theme by adding images of subtle lapping waves and calm ocean breezes.

In addition, blue beach-style lights particularly evoke marine aesthetics. So, sea green is another classic coastal color scheme that will add style and a soothing effect to your space.

Rounding Up

Lighting always plays a significant role when you’re designing your beach-style home. Further, modern coastal varies from generic beach themes as it features natural color palettes, airy atmospheres, and clean lines–with an outdoorsy appeal.

But it’s crucial to consider your preferred atmosphere and mood before creating or purchasing beach-style lights. The tips and style ideas discussed in this article will help transform your home from regular to nautical.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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