Canbus Led – Everything You Need to Know


Canbus systems usually exist in American and European vehicles to help you identify any problems with your lights. However, there has been some confusion about what this system does and how it works. Don’t worry; we’re here to give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know about CANbus LEDs.

What are CANbus LEDs?

Controller Area Network Bus (CAN Bus) is a computer system in modern vehicles that allows the car’s different parts to communicate using a sensor.

CAN Bus LEDs be special LED bulbs explicitly made to work with this type of system, where the sensor indicates whether the light works or not?

Many European and American vehicles such as Chrysler, Dodge, Range Rover, and Volkswagen use this technology to conserve energy and provide the proper lighting for the car.

Do CANBus LEDs Prevent Hyper-Flashing?

CANbus bulbs don’t prevent hyper-flashing. The LED bulbs create no resistance, meaning the vehicle will detect the LED bulbs as burnt-out and start hyper-flashing.

Therefore, your system must have installed an electronic flashing relay or a load resistor kit to prevent hyper-flashing.

This resistor will stimulate the CAN system into thinking the proper amount of current is being drawn, preventing error codes or hyper-flashing.

Can CANBus LED Bulbs Work with Non-CAN Bus Applications?

CANbus bulbs don’t work with non-CAN Bus electrical system applications.

Generally, using CAN bus bulbs in non-CAN Bus applications will damage all the other vehicle circuits.

The CAN Bus system has built-in sensors that provide more resistance than the standard bulb.

Here is the problem: when you use the CAN bus bulbs in your vehicle’s non-CANbus circuits, this causes feedback into the other non-CANbus courses, eventually damaging them.

Modern LED lamp for the car lighting system

Modern LED lamp for the car lighting system

How Do I Know If My Car Has CAN Bus?

When your car gives you a bulb-out warning signal, it’s using the CAN Bus system.

If you’re still not sure, there is an alternative solution. Remove one of your rear parking lights ( don’t remove the brake, fog, or license plate lights).

Then, drive on public roads to see if the warning signal comes. If it does, your car has CAN Bus.

Car giving a bulb-out warning signal

Car giving a bulb-out warning signal

LED Bulbs Require CANbus Adapters – Is That True?

Let’s face it: CANbus isn’t a human who understands an LED bulb. All that it understands is the wattage number it receives.

If your vehicle lighting isn’t producing the wattage number it’s expecting, you will get a warning on your dashboard, and here is the problem.

For example, your car expects a 21W incandescent turn signal bulb, and you’ve just put in an LED that only draws 3.4 watts.

The CANbus system doesn’t understand that you’ve put in a LED headlight bulb, and all it sees is that the wattage number it’s receiving is way below what it expects, so it gives you a warning.

The only way to solve this problem is to trick the CANbus system by installing a CANbus adapter.

The CANbus adapter will take the 3.4 watts the LED bulb produces and turns it into 21 watts, giving the CANbus system the amount of power usage it expects and tricking it into thinking everything is normal.

Even Though My LED Bulbs Are Error-Free, They Still Produce an Error Message. Why Is This?

Just because a bulb is “error-free” does not mean it will work with every CANbus system.

There are a few different reasons why an error-free LED bulb might still throw an error message:

1. Exchanging Stock Bulb or Original Bulb With an LED Bulb Kit

Occasionally, exchanging your stock bulb or original bulb with a Led can cause an error message.

It is because the computer is not expecting an LED and doesn’t know how to handle it.

LED Bulb Kit

LED Bulb Kit

2. Installation Method

You can damage the fragile internal components if you’re not careful when installing your LED bulbs, and this will cause a bulb failure, and an error signal will appear.

Man hand installing H7 led headlight bulb

Man hand installing H7 led headlight bulb

3. Canbus Led: Cold Weather

Some systems are more sensitive in cold weather and might throw an error even if the bulb works correctly.

How to Fix the CANBus Error Codes?

1. Canbus Led: Use Suitable CANbus LED Bulbs

This error usually happens because the amount of the built-in resistors is too large, causing heat that can melt the bulb.

So, the best way to fix CANbus error codes is to use LED bulbs designed to work with your specific system.

2. Canbus Led: Use a Load Resistor Kit for LED Bulbs

You can use a resistor kit if you cannot find LED bulbs compatible with your system.

A bulb holder in your car has two contacts, one for the power and the other for the ground.

The resistor will go in between these two contacts and trick the system into thinking that the bulb causes more power draw than it is.

Load Resistor Kit for LED Bulbs

Load Resistor Kit for LED Bulbs


CANbus systems are becoming more and more common in vehicles. If you’re considering upgrading to LED bulbs, it’s essential to ensure they are compatible with your system.

We hope this article was helpful and provided valuable information to you. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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