Fluorescent Light

LED vs. Fluorescent: The Comparison of Two Lighting Giants

Have you ever wondered about the difference between LED and fluorescent lights? Or are you confused about using LEDs vs. fluorescent for your lighting project? In truth, both technologies offer great lighting options for private and public environments. But, lighting


RGBW vs. RGB: Which LED Strip is Better?

About RGBW vs RGB, LED strips are the go-to for lighting and colorful projects. RGB LED strips have been a staple for such applications. Now, there are multiple strip types you can choose from to make even more colors. One

OLED vs. Nano Cell TV

Nano cell vs. LED: Which is the Best TV Screen?

TV technology is one area that gets constant advancements to ease pressure on the human eyes. These technologies are OLED and LG’s Nano cell. OLED holds a position as one of the best display technologies. But now, the more recent

IP Ratings

IP44 vs. IP65: Which is better for Lighting?

The IP44 vs. IP65, Every region needs electronics manufactured to specific standards. It helps to know where you can use them without causing damage. Undoubtedly, your lights need adequate power to operate. But it’s crucial to protect them from solids,


VS1838b: VS1838b infrared receiver LED production

An IR receiver, sometimes referred to as a photodiode, collects IR rays from a source’s transmission (for example, LED), then uses the rays to generate an electrical signal. In turn, the signal control devices, for instance, household appliances. The emergence

Grow lights

PPF vs. PPFD: The Best Measurement for Grow Lights

LEDs are useful for many things, including grow lights. Also, PPFD and PPF determine how much illumination plants will get from your LED lamps. But if you’re a novice in the horticulture world, there’s a high chance you haven’t heard


UHD vs. LED: Which is the Better TV Panel?

The advancements in the television world keep getting better. For example, there are different technologies like OLED, UHD, QLED, etc. Although this large pool of options is enough to leave you confused, we’ll draw your attention to two technologies: UHD

Main electric lighting types

Incandescent vs. LED: Everything You Need to Know

When buying a light fixture for your project, workspace, or home, there are more things to consider than aesthetics. One of the critical factors when selecting bulbs is whether to go for LED bulbs or Incandescent bulbs. Here we will

Different Bulbs74

Halogen vs. LED: Which is the Better Lighting Option?

Remember when choosing light bulbs was a simple task? You’d only consider the shape and the watts before making a purchase. Now, it’s more complex, and you must weigh your options thoroughly. Several lighting technologies are available, but this article

B11 vs. E12

B11 vs. E12: Chandelier Light Bulb Shape and Base Types

Besides checking a bulb’s brightness and color temperature, you must get a fitting bulb size for your lighting fixture’s socket. Also, there is the bulb shape, a variable that should match the fixture’s design or help enhance aesthetics. Bulb manufacturers

UV Light

Black Light vs. UV Light: Differences and Applications

A specific type of UV radiation is helpful in sterilization applications. But, many people cannot tell whether this is UV light or black light. Again, there’s confusion as to which of the two carries the risk of skin cancer. This

A white light bulb

Warm White vs. Soft White: Low Color Temperature Mood Lights

Since the invention of the incandescent light bulb, lighting has changed dramatically, giving us different options. With these options came the color temperature quality variable that impacts mood. People usually pick high or low-color temperature bulbs, but there are differences

A19 vs. A21

A19 vs. A21: What Bulb Size is Better?

A19 vs. A21 are popular LED bulb sizes you can see in any hardware store. But, there’s a high chance that you can’t tell them apart. In truth, it’s easy to think A19 and A21 bulbs are interchangeable. However, that’s

Ring Light Vs. LED Pane

Ring Light Vs. LED Panel: What You Need To Know

The proper lighting is essential if you want crisp, sharp images and videos instead of dull captures. Finding the perfect natural light can be a hassle whether you are a professional photographer or simply shooting a video for friends. Today’s

Different headlight bulbs

HID vs. LED: Which is Better for the Road?

Headlights are vital components of a car that boost drivers’ chances of safely arriving at a destination in darker conditions. Hence, putting more thought into them before upgrading or getting new headlights is crucial. Headlights are similar to lighting fixtures.

LCD vs. LED Gaming Monitor

LCD vs. LED Gaming Monitor: Which One Should I Choose?

If you are looking for a new display device to replace your current model, you have probably seen the abbreviation LCD thrown around on various websites. But the question remains, what does LCD stand for? This article will discuss what


IPS vs. LED: Which is the Best Monitor Screen Technology

There are many factors to consider before purchasing or upgrading a new monitor. Some factors include resolution, response times, and screen technology. Further, many monitor technologies are available today, making it tricky to choose the perfect one for your needs.