Convert Maglite to LED–How to Convert Maglite to LED


About Convert Maglite to LED. Having portable lightings such as flashlights, candles, and kerosene lamps in your household is a superb idea. These portable lights are essential since electricity may go out without notice. Therefore, you are forced to look for alternative lighting in such a situation. If you have a Maglite flashlight like me, think of doing as I did. But if you don’t have one or have a different type of flashlight, below is an alternative for you.

Can You Convert a Maglite to LED?

Yes. You can transform your old, dull, luminous Maglite into a bright LED powerhouse. It would be best if you converted a Maglite to LED through a slight improvement. Nevertheless, You can enjoy our Maglite upgrades with a maximum of 1,000 lumens.

Is it Worth Converting a Maglite to LED?

Yes. The illumination is brighter and lights very well. Additionally, it lasts longer than having a bare Maglite. Converting a Maglite to a LED using the upgrade kits is very helpful.

How do You Convert Mini Maglites to LED?

Sometimes you may be disappointed to turn your mini Maglite flashlight on and find the bulb is dead. To avoid such frustrations, you should convert your mini Maglite to LED by following the steps below.

Step 1: Assemble the required Materials.

Get the materials and tools you need for the project.

  • Wire snips
  • Electric drill
  • SuperBright 5mm LED
  • A mini Maglite Flashlight

Step 2: Disconnect the flashlight components.

At this step, disassemble the batteries, the head, the main handle, the original bulb, and the reflector. All these parts are screwed together, making it easy to disconnect them.

Step 3: Light Comparison

Take time and try to compare the new LED with the original bulb. You will notice that the LED has a hard lump of plastic instead of a glass-like bulb. Besides, the LED takes time to warm up while the bulb heats up quickly. You will also observe that the LED has a blue color that lights up pretty well. Finally, the LED is brighter than the bulb and does not diverge quickly.

Step 4: Modify the reflector.

To fix the LED in its new housing, you should bore a hole in the reflector. For instance, suppose you have a 5mm LED; you should deliver a spot that fits this accurately. Alternatively, You can use an electric drill or a drill press for this task.

Step 5: Fitting the LED

This is the easiest step. You only need to cut the leads shorter to contact the inside parts of the flashlight well. You can have it at 1 cm.

Step 6: Reassembling

  • Return the batteries to the handle and test for polarity.
  • Fix the LED in the holes and check if they light up.
  • Put the modified reflector back to its original position.
  • Screw in the front cap on the head and the mirror. Remember the clear plastic cover also.
  • Screw the crown onto the handle.

If you have done everything right, you will have a precise flashlight.

Terrallux Maglite LED Conversion Kit

TerraLUX is a company that used to make LED upgrades. After a short while, they became the leading company in that field. The quality of light from their LEDs and narrow focus made them outdo their competitors in the market.

Currently, the company is under the management of Lightstar, which still provides exciting LED flashlights and MagLite LED conversion kits.


  • Provides the brightest light
  • Very strong to break
  • Does not require any replacement
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is efficient

Maglite LED Upgrade to 5000 Lumens

This guide will help you convert 2 D Maglite to a 5,000 lumen LED. It would help if you had a few tools to accomplish this job.

  • Screw gun or drill
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Choosing Your Host

You can have the 2 D host as 3 or 6 D may not work well for this. Also, any C or D cell mag can work.

Step 2: Choosing Your Battery Type.

At this step, decide on the kind of batteries you will use. NIMH D cells are the best to use since you want to build it in a 2 D size.

Step 3: Choosing the Light Engine

There is a plethora of heat and bulb sinks in the market. Nevertheless, it would help if you used the Adventure FlashlightsTM 5,000 lumen bulb for this project. This bulb has a multi-level brightness because it uses 3 Cree XHP-50 LED emitters. Besides, it comes in 3 cells 2,000-lumen designs.

Step 4: Installing the Bulb.

  • Remove the old bulb, reflector, and the bezel
  • Till the O ring on the neck
  • Fix the drop-in with the O ring correctly
  • Replace the bezel
  • Screw the head until it is well fixed

Step 5: Making a Body Sleeve

You should have a sleeve to prevent the batteries from moving around in the housing. A sleeve is a bore-out PVC pipe with O rings for a correct fit. You stick some to the positive end of the first cell, and that’s all. A small magnet will be a good option if you have flat-top cells.

Brightest Maglite LED Conversion: LED Upgrades for Maglite

The TTS ULTMM (10W) is the brightest Maglite Led in the market. TTS ULTMM (10W) has a high voltage range and is more optimistic than its counterparts. It works with power ranging as low as 4 volts. This aspect makes it best for 4D battery Maglite flashlights and above.

The TTS ULTMM (10W) is also ideal for three-cell Maglites. It comes with three power modes of high, medium, and low. It can run for 36 hours with low-power mode 4D cells.

How Many Lumens is a 3D Cell Maglite

The table below shows an illustration of the 3D Cell Maglite:

Lumens45 lm
Run Time, HighNine h
Drop Resistant/Water-ResistantYes-IPX4
Length/weight with Batteries12.344 in(313 mm) / 30 oz. (856 g)

What Maglite Bulb to LED Conversion is the Best?

There are many Maglite bulbs to LED conversion kits available in the market. Thus, picking one that will serve you as you wish is not easy. However, here is our best pick that will help you out of this confusion.

The ML150LR™ produces over 1000 lumens of white light. This product uses Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. It can fully recharge these batteries within 2-3 hours.


Maglite LED conversion is an excellent idea in the field of flashlight technology. This is evident as they make it easy to continue your work without the mains electricity.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the primary reason to upgrade Maglite is for alternative lighting. Their introduction has affected many jobs positively. Therefore, people prefer to have a Maglite LED flash every time.

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