DIY Led Grow Light: A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Grow Light


You might have heard of indoor farming on the internet, but have you tried it so far? Most people think farming with lights is an expensive and complicated undertaking. However, anyone with some gardening knowledge can easily set up Led lights for greenhouse farming. This DIY Led grow light article compiles all the information you need to start.   

1. What are Led Grow Lights?

Led grow lights are energy-saving and a better option for greenhouse farmers. Contrary to other lights, LEDs don’t burn filaments. Instead, they transmit light via semiconductors, generating a range of colors. Because of this unique property, you can use Led grow lights as your primary lighting source. You can still use them to supplement natural light or pair them with other grow lights. 

Unlike other grow lights, you can concentrate on Led light to minimize loss. These lights last for 50,000 to 100,000 hours continuously. Generally, manufacturers package these lights in different shapes and sizes. However, a chip is the most crucial feature of these lights. It determines the colors and brightness of the bulb.    

2. Why Use Led as Grow Lights?

First, Led is more efficient than traditional lighting systems. This means you will experience lower utility expenses. 

Secondly, they do not burn filaments; hence, they have cooler temperatures. Standard lighting systems produce a lot of heat. Too much heat is a threat to the welfare of your crops. 

Thirdly, they have a longer lifespan. Early on, wne mentioned that you could continuously use these lights for up to 100,000 hours. 

Fourthly, they generate a full spectrum. This ensures your plants grow throughout their growth cycle. 

Lastly, Led lights are less bulk. They can fit well into smaller indoor spaces. Besides, your plants can grow adjacent to the lights without the danger of heat burns.

3. Terminology of Led Grow Light

COB LedA Chip on Board (COB) Led is light with multiple small LEDs on the PCB. Unlike regular lights, COBs are more efficient and durable.
AmperageSimply put, amperage is the current of your device. You can use it to calculate the brightness and the amount of power your lights need.
DriverIt controls voltage and amperage to provide power to your lights.
Heat sinkIt absorbs extra heat from your lights.
SolderThis is a tool you use to connect LEDs to wires.

4. Tools and Materials


A soldering iron

A wire stripper


 A drill

A screwdriver and gloves

Sharpie markers


A Makers Led and a Hanging kit

Deep-Red, Red, Royal-Blue, and Warm-White Cree Luxeon Leads

700mA FlexBlock

1000 and 1400mA Buckblocks 

24 VDC power supplier

A stranded wire.

5. How to Make a DIY Led Grow Light

Below is a step-by-step guide on cost-effectively building a DIY Led grow light. 

Step 1: Gather Your Working Tools

Earlier, we highlighted the necessary tools and materials to make a grow light. Ensure all of them are available. This will help you to experience a smooth workflow.

Step 2: Stick Led Strips to the Aluminum or Wooden Bars

DIY Led Grow Light

First, cut your strips equivalent to your project measurements. Look for marks after each third chip to establish the right points for making cuts. 

Secondly, remove the paper from the sticky backing before sticking the strips along the aluminum bar. The bar plays a heat sink role- preventing your crops from too much heat. 

Thirdly, mount solderless stickers to your strips. For good stability, use nylon to tie your wires. Additionally, insulate the connections by applying a silicone blob.

Step 3: Install the Aluminum Bars Containing Strip Lights

Install the ic layer will perform as the conducive link between IC and heat sink. Unlike FR4. The copper and aluminum bars parallel to each other. You can bolt the bars to the frames to strengthen your structure. 

The best method to wire your devices is by linking one strip to the power source and running strip-to-strip connections from one end of every stripe to the other. The technique supports a maximum of 32 strips and one power source. 

Your crops’ DLI needs will dictate the number of strips you require. 

Follow the link below for the best visual illustration of these three steps.

6. DIY led grow light kit

A DIY Led grow light kit will help you to customize your grow light easily. They bring the benefit of connect-and-use. Additionally, they will allow you to create the best environment for your crops. 

7. FAQs of DIY Led Grow Lights

Can you use the Led shop light as a grow light?

Yes, you can use a Led shop light as a grow light. 

What makes a light a grow light?

Grow lights produce a simulated light related to a specific color. The color supports the photosynthesis process. 

Can you use any Led light as a grow light?

Yes, you can use any Led light as a grow light. You only have to ensure that it is producing adequate light. 

7. What is the Best Led Grow Light 2021

If you have decided to invest in your greenhouse farming, you need to know the best Led grow light. Farmers worldwide regard LEDs as the best greenhouse grow lights. However, there are numerous products in the market right now. This makes it challenging to know the best products for use. Luckily, we have prepared a list of some of the best Led to grow lights in 2021. They include:      

The best overall is Roleadro Led grow light. It contains diverse colors that boost growth throughout the year. 

The best mounted is Feit Electric Dual Full Led Plant Grow Tube Light. You can quickly fix it on walls and ceilings. Furthermore, it produces the best combination of blue and red colors. 

The best adjustable is iPower Dual Head Led Grow Light. You can easily adjust it to fit your needs. 


Led grow lights offer a rich, whole spectrum range of crops. They are also energy efficient when compared to standard lights. Besides, they offer even light distribution and produce minimal heat. This eventually minimizes expenses and increases yields. The DIY Led grow light article has covered all the essential points you need.

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