E26 vs. A19: Are They the Same or Different Bulb Types?


Buying bulbs was a simple game of choosing higher watts for higher brightness. Now there are so many bulb names and codes that choosing one can get confusing.

While looking for a new LED bulb, there’s a high chance you’ve come across E26 vs. A19. It may be tempting to think they’re the same. But, in truth, there are a few differences.

Explore this comparison article and discover the facts about E26 vs. A19 bulbs.

What are E26 Bulbs?



E26 refers to the type of lamp base used on standard bulbs. The code is only concerned with the base type of a bulb and gives zero information about its shape or size.

The “E” in the code translates to an Edison screw, while the “26” indicates the screw base’s diameter in millimeters. Interestingly, E26 bulbs can feature various shapes and sizes. Some popular types include standard, vintage, globe, and tubular bulb shapes.

Additionally, E26 is the most common light bulb base in the U.S, and you can call it a “medium” or “standard” base.

What are A19 Bulbs?

A19 bulbs

A19 bulbs

Unlike the E26, A19 describes a light bulb’s shape. The “A” in the code indicates the bulb features a pear-like shape. Also, “19” refers to the bulb’s width.

A19 bulbs are usually 100-100 mm long, with an approximate 60 mm width. Currently, A19 is the most common bulb shape you can find in any household. You can also call them “Standard” bulbs.

E26 Led Bulb: Modus Operandi (How They Work)

Bulb with E26 base

Bulb with E26 base

E26 LED bulbs work similarly to other bulbs with Edison screw bases. These bulbs will emit light once you align the screw with the fixture socket.

Manufacturers solder or weld electrical wires to the bulb’s screw threads and contact wires. These wires lead to the LED’s internal electronics and help supply power to generate light. 

E26 vs. A19: What’s the Difference?

Light bulb E26 screw.

Light bulb E26 screw.

E26 and A19 refer to a specific function of a bulb. An A19 bulb can have an E26 base screw and vice versa.

The only difference between these codes is the different sections they possess. As we mentioned earlier, A19 indicates the shape of the bulb, while E26  points towards its base type. Bulbs that have both numbers will work fine.

Are E26 vs. A19 Bulbs Interchangeable?

Standalone E26 base screw

Standalone E26 base screw

Generally speaking, E26 and A19 don’t describe the same bulbs. All A19 bulbs use E26 bases, but not all E26 bulbs have A19 shapes and sizes.

E26 vs. A19: Is the E26 a Standard Bulb?

The American National Standards Institute regulates E26 bulbs and considers them standard lights. Regardless of shape, E26 bulbs can fit a majority of household fixtures ranging from table lamps to ceiling fans.

E26 vs. A19: Advantages of E26

Since they’re one of the most common bulb types, you can easily find a compatible lamp holder or fixture. Also, they have very straightforward installation processes. Plus, you won’t need any assembly or tools to do the job.

Further, Edison screws offer one of the most secure bulb mounting methods. The screw’s strength and rigidity make the E26 base perfect for vibrating areas.

Furthermore, the bulb’s tight fit prevents moisture and debris from intruding into the contact points, reducing the chances of electrical failures.

What Bulb Types can Use A19 and E29?

You can undoubtedly find E29 and A19 on various bulb types, including fluorescents, incandescents, and halogen. LED bulbs have also joined the list. Interestingly, you can get more energy savings and lifespan combined with the standard E29 base or A19 size.

Final Verdict

LED bulbs with an A19 shape and E26 base were popular in the early 20th century. And because of this popularity, they quickly became a standard for most American households.

However, the E26 base expanded to include more shapes and sizes. Though you can interchange them, A19 and E26 now refer to different lamps. You can easily replace an E26 bulb with an A19 variant.

But changing from an A19 to E26 would need more consideration. Hence, you must consider bulb shape and size factors before swapping bulbs. Also, you’ll encounter some issues if your E26 bulbs are bigger than your A19 fixtures.

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