LED Balloon Lights: What They are and How to Make One


LED lights are ideal if you need to add some flare to your home or office. And you can choose from many LED styles to make eye-catching designs. But one that particularly stands out is the LED balloon lights.

In truth, LED balloon lights are cool trends that easily spice up a space. However, choosing one can be tricky as there are many types available.

In this article, you’ll learn how LED balloon lights work, the different types, and more.

LED Balloon Lights

LED balloons

LED balloons

Light Emitting Diode balloon lights are lightweight, small bulbs that work on batteries. And you can place these lights inside your bubble or latex balloon for dazzling decorations.

These lights come in different colors, including red, green, white, purple, blue, and others. 

Also, LED balloon lights are versatile. So, you can use them for floral arrangements or make paper lanterns. But remember, these lights are battery-powered and may last up to twelve hours.

Additionally, the balloons used for these decorative pieces are usually transparent. They use non-toxic, high-quality, and durable latex that gives off a brilliant aesthetic when lit. However, we recommend using balloon inflator pumps or electric pumps to inflate these decorative pieces. And blowing with the mouth may pose health hazards, like choking on LEDs.

How do LED Balloons Work?

Light Emitting Diode balloons have two operating styles. So, you can buy the ready-made types with LEDs attached inside the balloon. Usually, these types come with a switch to activate the LEDs.

Or, you can purchase LED balloon lights as separate pieces. And style them around or put the lights into the latex balloons.

As we mentioned earlier, LED balloon lights are battery-powered and can last up to forty-eight hours. So, if your LEDs are still on after your event, pop the balloons and remove the LEDs to turn them off.

Types of LED Balloon Lights

Here are some LED balloon lights you can use for your decoration needs.

iLLooms LED Balloons

Different colored LED balloons

Different colored LED balloons

iL Loom and other similar types feature LED lights already attached inside. You can find these lights at the opposite end of the balloon neck.

Also, you can activate these lights by pulling on the paper tab extending from the balloon’s mouth. However, these LEDs are not very bright. So, they offer the best effect in darker rooms or at night.

In addition, ensure you don’t over-inflate iLLooms LED balloons to avoid popping the piece. Usually, they come with measuring bands that help you inflate them to the correct size.

Unfortunately, iLLooms are not reusable once the batteries die. On the bright side, they can last up to 15 hours or more.

Note: It’s safe to blow iLLooms with your mouth if you don’t have the necessary tools.

Lumi-Loons LED Ballons

LED balloons glowing in the dark

Light Emitting Diode balloons glowing in the dark

This type is a complete unit with three LED lights, a special valve, and a latex balloon with a 6-foot string.

Manufacturers insert the LEDs into latex balloons so you can inflate them around the bulb. The unique valve secures the balloon to prevent air or helium from leaking. However, it prevents you from blowing up the piece with your mouth.

So, inflating this balloon requires an electrical balloon inflator or a helium tank. Also, you can turn on the lights by pressing a button through the balloon. And, you can do this after or before inflation.

Interestingly, Lumi-Loons feature three lighting modes: slow blink, fast blink, or always on. You can choose any of the modes to create your desired lighting effect.

Moreover, these LED balloon lights are not reusable and can only last up to eight hours. Further, you can choose colored/patterned balloons with white lights or white balloons with different LED colors.

LED Party Lights for Balloons

LED party balloons neon

LED party balloons neon

These lights are small, lightweight, and battery-operated pieces that you can purchase as separate units. In truth, you can turn the bulbs on before placing them inside or around your latex balloon. 

You can get them in different colors. And they can last for over eight hours. You can use these LEDs for other settings, like floral arrangements and paper lanterns.

Also, LED party lights are reusable. Hence, you can remove them from your balloons or replace the battery for other events.

BoBo Balloon Lights

BoBo Balloon lights

BoBo Balloon lights

The BoBo balloon lights are pretty different from their latex counterparts. They use PVC and can blow up to 18 inches. Plus, they look gorgeous.

But, you’ll have to stretch the balloons multiple times in all directions before inflating. That way, you’ll get them to 18 inches.

However, these balloons are not safe to blow with your mouth. Instead, you can inflate them using helium, hand pumps, or electrical air inflators.

The LED lights for these balloons are about 3 meters long. So, you can wrap them around the balloon after setting them up. However, you’ll need two AA batteries for your string lights.

LED Balloon Lights Construction: How do you Make LED Lights Balloons?

Floating white LED balloons

Floating white Light Emitting Diode balloons.

Making LED balloon lights is an easy project. Here are the components you need for this simple project:

  • Single LED (we recommend opting for ultra-bright LEDs. White works great for all balloon colors).
  • Button cell batteries (2).
  • Electrical insulating tapes.
  • Scissors.


  1. First, place your cell batteries on top of each other. One cell battery will only provide half of the required voltage. So, it’s best to use two. While at it, ensure that the second battery’s positive end touches the opposing end of the first battery.
  2. Then, touch the LED’s anode on the positive side of the cell battery combo and the cathode on the opposing side.
  3. Wrap the LED and battery construct in the electrical insulating tape, and your LED should start glowing.
  4. Afterward, place the battery and LED inside your balloon carefully. Do this through the balloon’s opening.
  5. Finally, inflate the balloon with your mouth or an electrical air inflator. While at it, don’t blow too much to avoid popping the balloon. 

Note: After blowing the balloon, tie the mouth to prevent air from escaping.


Are LED Balloons Safe?

Since LEDs don’t create heat, you can rest assured these balloons won’t become fire hazards. But, it would help if you considered other safety risks significantly when inflating.

How long do LED balloon lights last?

LED balloon lights can last up to 48 hours. But, most products last a minimum of 8 hours.

Can you put LED lights inside balloons?

Yes, you can as long as it can fit, and you have a way to power them. Check the guide above to learn how to DIY LED balloon lights.

In Conclusion

LED balloon lights with different shapes

LED balloon lights with different shapes

LED balloon lights are amazing decorative pieces that can brighten your special events or parties. Although they’re mostly harmless, they can easily pose risks if you don’t follow the necessary safety precautions.

Further, avoid inflating with other gases, particularly flammable ones. Instead, use only air or helium. Also, don’t inflate the balloons till they pop, as the LEDs inside could become projectiles and cause injuries.

Additionally, use safety goggles when inflating balloon bundles. And if they burst, ensure you collect all the parts immediately to prevent health risks to kids and pets.

Please contact us if you have any questions; we’ll be happy to help.

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