LED Lighting Ideas for Living Rooms: The Best Ways to Decorate Your Space


LEDs are superb for customization and design. For example, you can set the right mood using your preferred colors on LED strips. Most strips offer multi-colored features and color-changing remotes to give you the ultimate customization experience. The best part is that it’s easy to cut LED strips into smaller sizes. So even the darkest corners can have a piece of the cake. However, looking through the various LED designs can be exhausting. Luckily, we’re here to make things easier. Read on to find ten different LED lighting ideas for living rooms.

Types of Lighting in the Living Room

Generally, you can enjoy four types of lighting in your living room. They include basic, decorative, accent, and direct & indirect lighting.

Basic Lighting

Basic lighting gives you shadow-free and uniform lighting for your living room. Further, it’s the general lighting for peak illumination, and you can achieve this with standard ceiling lights.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting adds beauty to your living room. Also, these lightings consist of illuminated decorative objects like figurines and vases. Further, these decorative pieces are not bright enough for illumination. Therefore, they only add an eye-catching effect to your living room.

Accent Lighting

This lighting helps you focus on specific living room areas. For example, they could be wall lights, spotlights, or ceiling wash lights. However, they can only illuminate specific furniture, walls, or pictures in a set direction.

Direct and Indirect Lighting

Direct lighting includes lights that directly illuminate the living room. Contrarily, indirect lighting refers to lights that only highlight individual ceilings or walls.

LED Strip Lights Ideas for the Living Room

What’s the best way to get the lighting style for your living room? LED strips can help you bring any design you imagine to life. But first, check out these beautiful LED strip lights ideas to make the process easier.

Ceiling Accents

Ceiling Accents

Ceiling Accents

LED strip lights have a great way of adding style to your living room. If you have ceiling lights in your living room, consider installing LED strip lights. Adding them would give your living room a different look and make it feel more layered.

That’s not all. You can use your LED strips without changing the space layout. However, selecting your preferred color is the first step to using this style. 

If you want a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, dim your lights to the minimum and add soft yellow for a more homely fee. But if you prefer throwing parties with lots of people, the dream color or RGB mode is ideal.

You can match different colors to create various party themes without limits. Sound strip lights are also an option. These lights respond to the music as you play different tunes.

Coffee Table Under Glow

Man installing LED strip under table

Man installing LED strip under table

Who said your decorations must stay on ceilings and walls? You can use your LED lights to transform a coffee table into a decorative piece. The best part is that this style will also give you the benefits of accent lighting.

For this style, you can place the LED strips under your coffee table to create an under glow effect. And you can change the colors to set your preferred atmosphere.

Below is the Sofa Effect

Like the coffee table style, you can create the same effect under your sofa. But, then, you have to choose different styles for more beautification.

With this style, you can set a comfortable atmosphere for watching TV or chatting with your friends and family. You can set a soft yellow light to glow from under the sofa for a cozy feeling. 

And you can get the party effect by making the LED strips flash with different lights, matching the raving atmosphere.

TV Background Wall Accent

TV background wall accent

TV background wall accent

Are you tired of watching regular TV? Then, you should consider adding some sparkle to your screen with LED strips. You can create an impressive background wall, making your TV area stand out. Further, this style has some health benefits.

A TV background wall accent helps to protect your eyesight. It does this by taking some strain off your eyes, especially during an extended focus on the screen.

In short, LED strips for this area help to enhance the overall style of your living room. However, ensure they are dim and avoid dream colors. Otherwise, you’ll cancel out the health benefits and increase the strain on your eyes.

Night Sky Replica

Night sky replica effect without projector

Night sky replica effect without projector

Are you up for more advanced styles? Try the night sky replica. This style brings a colorful night sky to the comfort of your living room.

Best of all, you can build it yourself with LED strips. First, set your RGB LED strips in corners or arrange them in rows on the ceiling of your living room. 

Then, the lights fade from calming blue to deep purple for the night-sky effect. Also, you can include a galaxy projector in your decoration to enjoy the full effect.

Full LED Effect

Full LED effect

Full LED effect

Do you want to recreate your living room’s landscape from scratch? You can do that with LED strips without breaking the bank.

Make the ultimate calm space with green, pink, or blue lights. Also, you can place them beneath your couch and highlight a painting or specific wall. Finally, make things extra by outlining your windows and ceiling for an overall room aesthetic.

The Ultimate Gaming Zone

Ultimate gaming zone

Ultimate gaming zone

If you do a lot of gaming in your living room, you can make your space stand out, especially during late nights. Ideally, it’s best to avoid harsh white lights or darker hues for this aesthetic.

What you need are color combinations that match your game. These colors should also add more immersion to grant you the ultimate gaming experience.

Additionally, you can add strips to the corners of your gaming furniture, set, and ceiling. These strips should have sound-reactive features and segmented color control for more impressive designs.

Accent Stairs

Accent stairs effect

Accent stairs effect

Here’s one for people with stairs in their living room. Accent stair is a great option if you plan to enhance your room’s appearance. It’ll give your living room a practical and modern look.

Strips with white colors are one of the ways to get a classic look. However, for more variety, an RGB strip would do the trick. In short, there’s no limit to what you can do with this style.

LED Lighting Ideas for Living Rooms: Simple Contemporary Lighting

Sometimes, it’s better to go simple. For example, if you have lights hanging from your ceilings, you can add LED strips to accent or decorate them.

These strips will also help accent any dramatic shapes and unusual fixtures. Also, you can go all out by adding strips to the floor to give a soft glow from the ground.

LED Lighting Ideas for Living Rooms: Soft Light Effects

You can use LED strips to create shapes and letters for a warm glow in your living rooms. Also, combining them with wall lights will add more aesthetics, coziness, and extra depth.

How to Choose Living Room LED Strip Lights

Before choosing LED strip lights for your living room, here are some factors to consider.

LED Lighting Ideas for Living Rooms: The Lighting Effect you Want



If you want to create a different atmosphere in your living room by changing colors, you need an RGB LED. Dream color LED strips are also great, especially for party people.

But, if brightness is your goal, LED strips with adjustable brightness are ideal. Also, you can opt for smart LED strips that allow control with a mobile app.

The music LED strip is your go-to if you love the strobe effect. Setting the party mood or creating TV accents will be a walk in the park with these LED strips.

LED Lighting Ideas for Living Rooms: Your Installation Location

Man installing LED strip in a reachable location

Man installing LED strip in a reachable location

Choose low-voltage LEDs if you want to install them indoors or in reachable locations, like the sofa. In truth, waterproof strips aren’t necessary for living rooms but are must-haves for bathrooms and kitchens.

Lastly, consider the length of your strips before cutting. Otherwise, if you cut prematurely, only the side connected to the controller will be useful.

Rounding Up

LED strips are the best decorative lighting pieces you can get without breaking the bank. And you can create countless designs and color combinations to fit your atmosphere or event.

Pick up those LED strips if you’re tired of a boring living room. It’s time to test our best design ideas or use them as inspiration to make your dream living room design.

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