Money Tree Lighting: How to Bring Prosperity Into Your Home


Also known as the Malabar chestnut or Pachira Aquatica, the money tree is a popular plant often seen in homes and businesses. Money tree lighting is a popular practice in Asia and other parts of the world. It is said to bring good luck and fortune to those who do it. 

This article will help readers learn about the money tree and how to light it properly. With this information, you can keep your money tree healthy and prosperous. 

Good Lighting Is Key To a Money Plant’s Growth

Like other plants, a money plant needs excellent lighting to grow well. Money trees first come from tropical rainforests, so they need both bright light and not direct sunlight to do their best. 

The money plant getting some light

The money plant is getting some light.

Good lighting is important for photosynthesis, which is how plants make food.

As a houseplant, a money tree should not be placed in a spot where it will receive direct sunlight, as this will scorch the leaves. 

Light Needed For a Money Plant to Grow

A money tree needs bright, indirect light. However, let’s take a look at some of the other factors considered:

Exposure to sun: Money trees placed in locations with too much direct sunlight will experience leaf nodes scorching. You should place the money tree plant near a south-facing window.

A plant exposed to the sun

A plant exposed to the sun.

The direction of the Sun: The best place for your money tree is near an east-facing window where it can bask in the soft morning sunlight. If you have a west-facing window, that’ll work too.

The light intensity is most intense during the hotter spring and summer months, but it becomes weaker during the winter months. The money tree plant has the advantage of storing light energy for itself during the summer and spring, so you don’t have to worry about it during the winter season. 

How Much Bright Lighting Does a Money Tree Need?

For the best growth, a money tree should be kept in bright, indirect sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. The ideal distance between a south-facing window and a money tree is two feet. It ensures that the plant gets enough light to thrive.

The money tree plant is notorious for being fickle; it doesn’t like changes in its environment and will quickly deform if moved too frequently.

Healthy Money plants

Healthy Money plants

Consequently, you should be patient when introducing the plant to its new home – give it time to settle! The great part is that you can change the direction and rotate the plant 180 degrees every fourth or fifth day. 

Where is The Best Place to Put Your Money Plant?

If you want to grow a money tree, the best place to do it is opposite the south-facing window at your home.

The plant should be kept in a pot with medium-sized drainage holes and given room to thrive at natural to medium temperatures in the northern hemisphere.

Money plant in a pot

Money plant in a pot

In the southern hemisphere, you can place your money tree anywhere because bright indirect light will reach it at any favorable location in your home.

If your home lacks natural light, you can use artificial light instead.   

What Are The Consequences of Money Plants Getting Too Much light?

Like most popular houseplants, the money tree is sensitive to direct light. If you notice that your plant is getting too much sun, it may be time to move it. 

Here are some of the problems you may notice:

Bright sunlight will bleach your evergreen leaves, turning them yellow. White or yellow spots may also appear on the leaves.

The leaves begin to look old before their time due to sunburn.

If the problem isn’t remedied, the leaves will eventually fall off, and the plant will die.

Dead and dry Money Tree 

Dead and dry Money Tree 

What To Do If The Money Plant Is Getting Too Much Light?

Moving the plant to an area with indirect light should be your first step. If you spot any spoiled leaves, don’t panic! You can take care of the issue by following these steps:

Damaged leaves of an indoor Pachira Aquatica

Damaged leaves of an indoor Pachira Aquatica

Start by cutting off any yellow leaves with scissors.

Transfer the plant to a partial shade area by hanging a curtain or a blind.

Give the plant some time to adjust to its new location before you start increasing the amount of light it’s exposed to.

Rotate the plant every few days so that all sides of the plant get an equal amount of sunlight. 

The Money Tree Needs More Light

If a Money tree is getting insufficient light, the leaves will be the first to show it. They’ll become loose on their stems and start falling off entirely. 

If the plant’s stems are stretchy, weak, and leaning, this is because they’re not receiving enough light. It could lead to the plant toppling over and dying due to growing downwards instead of upwards.

What To Do If the Money Plant Is Not Getting Enough Light?

If your money tree is looking a little under the weather, follow these tips to add some brightness:

Incorporate fluorescent lighting into your setting: You can buy grow energy-saving bulbs from any gardening store.

Money tree without enough lighting

Money tree without enough lighting

Water it less frequently than you would otherwise if in a low-light area.

Add the right amount of balanced fertilizer.

Regular pruning of the plant to encourage bushy growth. 

How to Grow a Money Tree using Artificial Light?

Growing money trees is a simple process when you use artificial lights. Brightly illuminating your money tree will be easier to care for and maintain. Fluorescent and LED lights are two of the most popular light types.

For fluorescent lights to help your money tree grow, choose “cool white light.” It has the wavelength needed for steady growth. Place the plant about a foot away from the light source and make sure it’s pointing upward, so the light falls evenly on the plant.

Instead of opting for a generic LED light bulb, go for a horticultural one to better grow your money tree plant. For the plant to develop properly, put it a foot away from the light source and let it stay there for 16 hours.


Money trees require warm climates to prosper, so the best place for your money tree is a pot with medium-sized drainage holes and a room with moderate temperatures. If there is no natural light, you can use artificial light at home to provide the light needed. 

Though money trees are sensitive to direct sunlight, too much sun exposure will cause the leaves to fade in color and create white spots. Money tree plant care is easy if you provide adequate lighting and water when the soil feels dry.

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