Pool LED strip lights:   Illuminating Your Swimming Experience!


Many people install pool LED strip lights for ambient lighting. This makes nighttime swimming possible, enjoyable, and fun for all swimmers. However, you will need to install the appropriate IP-rated type so that it can adequately function while soaked. You will also discover various types designed to provide a more aesthetic appearance.

This article introduces waterproof LED lights for pools and other settings. After reading, you will know how to install them and understand their qualities. So let’s take a look!

Why Do We Need Waterproof LED Strip Lights?

Blue waterproof LED strips.

Blue waterproof LED strips.

People install LED strip lights on their pools for numerous reasons, including:


Since LEDs can operate for approximately 50,000 hours, they also run at an efficient level for 5+ years.


LEDs can provide optimal lighting. They also feature enhanced wide angles thanks to their excellent reflector design and lens geometry. Therefore, this leads to increased brightness and additional effects on the pool.

Run efficiently:

Versus incandescent lights, LEDs require only 10% of power to illuminate.


Lastly, LED strip lights are available in different colors, making your pool more aesthetically pleasing. So you will have more options.

4 Best LED Pool Lights

LED pool lights provide illumination in and around your swimming pool. We listed the four best options for you to consider below:

LED Lights for Tables beside Pools:

Tables will generally have LED lighting, making it convenient for swimming at night. 

Floating pool lights:

These lights float atop the water’s surface, providing a unique decoration in pools. You can purchase them in varying shapes, including a lily flower, moon, starfish, etc.

Underwater pool lights:

Underground pool with strip lights.

Underground pool with strip lights.

Public and private pools feature IP68 waterproof strip lights. This allows swimmers to see more clearly during the nighttime.

Above-ground pool lights:

These operate as RGB color strip lights. You can install them on the pool’s exterior to enhance lighting and create a unique effect. 

Installing Waterproof LED Strip Lights

A waterproof LED light strip.

A waterproof LED light strip.

Light strips have various voltage levels, starting from a 12V LED strip to 120V, which require different installation techniques. Follow the steps below to install 12V waterproof LED strip lights.

Step one:

Wipe the surface before installing your strip light.

Wipe the surface before installing your strip light.

First, use a damp, warm cloth to clean off the surface where you plan to place the waterproof LED strip lights for pools. Afterward, wipe the flat surface with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture. The LED strip lighting will not stick if you try to apply the 3M adhesive without cleaning the surface.

Step two:

Installing LED strip lights.

Installing LED strip lights.

Before starting this step, measure the installation area to ensure the strip fits perfectly.  

Next, remove the LED strip’s 3M adhesive backing and press the LEDs onto the surface. You can shorten the strip if it reaches an excessive length. So grab scissors and cut the dotted lines found 5.1 cm between each LED on the strip.

Step three:

You can turn on the lights and change their colors.

You can turn on the lights and change their colors.

Follow the detailed instructions on the connector so you can attach the strip light to the controller.

Lastly, a power source must form a connection with the controller’s opposite end. This allows you to utilize a remote control for the LED strip lights. However, the strip may not completely stick. So you can secure it in place with the clip instead.

Understanding the IP Protection Level

Waterproof LED strip lights for pools should have an IP68 rating.

Waterproof LED strip lights for pools should have an IP68 rating.

Two values determine the IP protection level of your pool LED strip lights. The first one references the dustproof level and ability to block object punctures. Meanwhile, the second value refers to the moisture-proof level and how effectively it prevents water penetration.  A higher number generally means it provides more protection.


Overall, these LED lights significantly enhance swimming pool lighting at night. As a result, you will enjoy life after a long, hard day. Before installing waterproof LED strip lights for pools, you should ensure they have the highest IP rating to prevent damage.

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