RGB vs. RGBIC: A Comprehensive Guide


Many people go for LED lights because they are energy-saving and long-lasting. It is common to visit an electrical shop looking for an LED bulb and need help identifying the right bulb from available options.

Normally, people have challenges differentiating between RGB vs.  RGBIC lights. One will likely make the right purchase decisions with adequate information on RGB vs. RGBIC.

Please continue reading to learn the differences between RGB vs. RGBIC lights and their best applications.

What are RGB and RGBIC Light Bars?

RGB represents three basic colors; Red, Green, and Blue. Mixing these three colors produces 16, 777, and 216 colors. 

RGB is also a process of mixing the three primary LED colors into any desired mixture. Both RGB and RGBIC have three primary colors.

However, the main difference between RGB and RGBIC is the working and control process.

RGBIC on a Christmas tree

(RGBIC on a Christmas tree)

RGB strip Lights

RGB strips display one color at a time. These lights have no integrated circuit (IC) control but operate as a single LED strip.

Moreover, RGB strips are suitable for smaller spaces because they have copper joints for shortening.

The RGB lights have a standard brightness and are suitable for office and residential applications.

An RGB strip

(An RGB strip)

RGBIC Lights

RGBIC lights have an IC chip that controls the LED strip’s operation. The IC chip controls the LED strip to produce different colors simultaneously.

Consequently, the RGBIC lights have vibrant lighting effects. These strips produce ultra-bright light and find applications in different fields. These lights are best suited for complex lighting requirements such as gaming setups.

However, you cannot shorten  RGBIC lights at the installation stage. The LED strip comes in a specific dimension.

RGBIC lights

(RGBIC lights)

What’s the Difference Between RGB and RGBIC?

RGB Strips Lights Can be Cut, unlike RGBIC Lights

RGB lights have provisions for cutting. You can shorten them to fit smaller spaces without damaging them. The IC in RGBIC lights controls a set of LEDs. Therefore, the RGBIC defines the installation space.

RGBIC Light Strip Lights have More Lighting Effects than RGB

The IC chip in RGBIC controls each LED light in the strip differently. The LED lights in the strip can display different colors bringing a cool effect into a room.

 Normally, people connect the RGBIC lights to the music systems, which change their colors depending on the sound of the music. The IC can sense and respond to music vibrations from the speakers.

RGBIC matches the TV screen Light

(RGBIC matches the TV screen Light)

Also, you can fit RGBIC lights next to the TV, and they will shine colors similar to the TV. You will get a better effect when you attach the RGBIC strip to the back of the TV.

With RGBIC lights, you can create various effects, including


The lights can turn on and off quickly and in different colors.


Adjacent lights in a strip can turn on and off in succession, creating an illusion that the light is moving along the strip. You can achieve the chasing effect with different colors.


The RGBIC lights change colors without turning off.

Horse Racing Effect

A horse racing effect is when an RGBIC strip simultaneously displays different colors. It gives an illusion that the colors are moving along the strip.

Single Chasing From Head to Tail

Only one section of the RGBIC strip light shines simultaneously from one end to the other. It looks like a light is moving from one end of the strip to the other.

Can you connect RGBIC Lights?

RGBIC comes in fixed lengths, and you cannot extend them. Most RGBIC brands have 16 and 32-inch strip lights, and it would be best to choose a strip length that fits your needs.

The IC supports only one strip; hence you cannot connect them end to end.

led strip

(led strip)


 RGB lights produce enough light for your home or office needs.

However, RGBIC strip lighters are brighter and more uncomfortable in some applications, such as night lighting.


The prices of RGB lights and RGBC strip lights vary depending on the brand. However, compared to the same manufacturer, RGBIC lights are more expensive. The design and manufacturing process of RGBIC is complex.

When to use RGBIC Instead of RGB

RGBIC lights have a decorative purpose because they can shine different colors simultaneously. You can use RGBIC lights in the applications.

RGBIC Behind Tv

RGBIC will give you an extraordinary experience if you attach them behind your TV. The RGBIC lights shine similar colors to the ones on the screen, improving the experience of the TV show. This tutorial will guide you through the process.

You will need a small camera to rely on the colors of the TV to the RGBIC lights.

TV background lighting

(TV background lighting)

Color Photo Recognition

There are special applications in which you can upload pictures, and the colors on the photos show on the RGBIC lights.

The experience is fascinating for children, and they will appreciate it when the strip lights display the color of their pictures.

Moreover, it gives you an experience of exploring and having fun using RGBIC lights.

Led stripes

(Led stripes)

Music Playlist Sync Capabilities

Connecting RGBIC lights and syncing them with your music system is possible. The RGBIC lights will shine according to the music, which adds to the taste of the music.  

A RGBIC sync with a music system

(A RGBIC sync with a music system)


This article outlines the differences between RGB lights and RGBIC lights. They significantly differ in their mode of operation. Unlike RGB lights, RGBIC has a controller; hence it can display various colors simultaneously.

Moreover, the article highlights areas where you can use  RGBIC lights, such as synching them with a music system.

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