Solar Panel Permit: What You Need To Know?


Solar panel permit is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and electricity costs. But before installing solar panels on your roof, you need to get a permit. Solar permits ensure that people are installing their systems correctly and safely. This guide will explain what is involved in getting a solar panel permit, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth the hassle.

What is a solar permit?

A solar permit is a license to install solar panels. And the purpose is to ensure that your system meets local building codes. Authorities put in place these regulations to ensure that you do not endanger yourself by self-installing panels, a process that may require a technician. The city might also want to ensure that you’re not installing something illegal, such as solar panels on buildings where it’s against bylaws(such as historical buildings). 

Do you need a permit for off-grid solar

A solar backup battery system

A solar backup battery system

Most counties have regulations that require permits for solar panels, whether you have a grid-tied or off-grid setup. The purpose of codes and regulations is to ensure that everyone follows safety precautions when installing their solar equipment. It also restricts installations to qualified professionals who know what they’re doing. So they take mistakes that could compromise safety or cause damage in other ways during the installation process.

If you’re installing a solar backup battery system, it’s important to remember that you may need to apply for another permit. Whether you need one depends on the location of your solar backup system. In most counties across the US, you will not need a license for this. However, this is different in an urban area. Some requirements for a battery pack permit include the battery capacity, where you will install it, and the battery type.

Solar Permit Requirements

Before you install your off-grid solar system, you need to make sure that you find out what your county requires before they give you solar panel permits. These requirements differ from state to state and even county-wise. However, let us examine what conditions cut across the states before authorities grant you a solar permit.

1. You must have an approved site plan showing where all your components will go. This construction plan will detail where you will set up all parts of the system. It explains whether your solar panels will be set up on the roof or the ground.

2. A wiring diagram shows how you will run all the wires. This diagram will show the wiring plan from the panels to the inverter and, finally, the backup battery system. Before approving your permit, you must prove to the county that your wiring will be foolproof and not dangerous.

3. If you’re planning to set up your panels on the ground, you may need to set a structure. Some counties will require a construction permit for this solar panel structure.

4. You must have an approved conduit schedule showing the conduits where all the wires run through and what type of conduit you require at each point in the system.

5. An approved grounding schedule showing how you will install all ground rods at each point in the system. You will also need to explain what type of ground rods the system requires at each end and where precisely those rods will be within their respective zones.

Can I Install my own Off-grid Solar?

You may be wondering if you can install your solar system. And if so, you’re alone. Many people who stay off the grid are taking matters into their own hands. But before you go ahead and start buying solar panels, there’s a lot to consider.

 Improper grounding on a solar panel

 Improper grounding on a solar panel

First, you need to know that just because you can install your solar panels doesn’t mean you should. A lot of people think that they can do their electrical work. But the truth is that doing your wiring incorrectly can result in severe injury or even death. However, solar manufacturers have recently developed ‘D’DIY’olar systems requiring little wiring experience.

Next, if you live in a county requiring solar panel permits, you will need one before starting. Most counties require proof that you will install the solar panel setup following county codes.

Since you will be off the grid, you will need a battery pack. Some counties restrict the size of batteries you can have in an off-grid setup. It would be best if you also found out what your local bylaws state on where you can set up your panels.

Why Do Counties Set Codes?

All states in the US have integrated the National Electrical Code into their state law. This code establishes safety requirements for premises wiring and equipment. It is also concerned with rules for the design, installation, inspection, use, and maintenance of electrical systems.

Counties set up codes as guidelines for contractors and homeowners alike. The regulations ensure that all homes are built or renovated safely and sustainably. This is especially important for solar panel installations because the safety of workers and homeowners is critical during this process. In addition, it also ensures that the facility will work properly once finished. Such installations require utmost care due to the danger associated with electricity.

County codes also reduce liability issues. They help protect companies against legal issues or claims if someone gets injured while working on their property or visiting their business. Thus, following this code reduces the cost of doing business and your insurance payments.

To improve energy efficiency— the NEC also includes recommendations for energy efficiency. This explains how much power you can draw from each circuit without overloading it and damaging appliances.

Solar Permit Services

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home, you will likely need to obtain a permit from the city. A solar panel permit service will help you navigate through this process. They can provide information about what authorities in your area require and guide you through all the steps needed to obtain a permit. 

Net metering system

Net metering system

Net Energy Metering is a policy you could take advantage of and make your process seamless. Solar permit service providers can help you apply for NEM.

The solar permit services providers work with local authorities to ensure that clients meet all requirements for permits and inspections. They will also help you apply for rebates and incentives your utility companies and the state offer. They even walk you through applying for grants from the federal government or other funding sources.


Follow your local government’s solar panel permit requirements when switching to green energy sources. Any homeowner installing new solar panels should obtain a permit beforehand, and third-party installers should check with municipal services or their city before beginning installation. With all the time and research required, the solar panel permit process can appear daunting. But by hiring a company to do it for you, they will make it less complicated (for a small charge) and save you an immense amount of time in return.

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