Wax Warmers Bulbs: A Detailed Buying Guide


Using light bulbs for wax warmers is far more common than conventional warmers with open flames. Wax warmers bulbs are a substitute for candle enthusiasts who want to avert fires while enjoying the scented wax fragrance.

Wax warmer bulbs offer soft lighting that fills one’s space, creating a relaxing theme. Besides, these bulbs generate heat that melts the scented wax to produce a pleasant aroma across the room. 

So read this comprehensive guide to learn about wax warmer bulbs before purchasing!

Which Bulbs Are Best For Wax Warmers?

A typical wax warmer bulb should melt wax at a temperature that is safe for use and safe for installation.

One great option is incandescent bulbs. They produce substantially high temperatures. Notably, 85–90% of the energy in incandescent bulbs goes into producing heat. 

You can also opt for halogen bulbs as wax warmer bulbs. Halogen bulbs add up as more energy efficient and act as better substitutes for incandescent bulbs. 

They consume less power while providing enough heat to melt the wax and unleash those enticing scents.

Types of bulbs

Types of bulbs

Things To Consider When Buying Wax Warmer Bulbs

Bulb Size

Wax warmer bulbs come in different sizes for various types of wax warmers. Before placing your order, verify the bulb size that will fit perfectly in your wax warmer.

Bulbs Design

Wax warmer bulbs differ in the light color they produce, the light type, and the special features they encompass. Therefore, factor in what design suits you before settling on one.


The light bulb should have an extended lifespan so that you don’t need to replace the bulbs frequently. Look for the warranty and the assurances to determine how long the wax warmer bulbs will last.

Best Wax Warmer Bulbs

Haraqi, 6 Pack, G50 25 Watt, Wax Warmer Bulbs

A special feature of the 25 watts Haraqi bulb is dimmable. You can adjust the brightness of the bulb to generate more heat.

The bulb measures 1.97 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches in height. It also has the E12 candelabra base.

Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs

Snnalosses, 6 Pack, 25 Watt, Wax Warmer Bulbs

The 25 watts incandescent bulb is common in full-size wax warmers. The bulb is 2.75 inches and has a diameter of 1.97 inches. 

The Snnalosses bulbs have a high & safe temperature resistance of up to 527 degrees F. They are also dimmable, meaning the bulb’s brightness changes. 

SerBion, 6 Pack, 25 Watt Warmer Bulbs

The SerBion is a 25-watt wax warmer bulb that is extremely bright and melts wax quickly. It is suitable for wax lamps, warmers, wax burners, aroma warmers, and other appliances that use candelabra (E12) base bulbs. 

The bulb measures 1.93 inches in diameter by 2.82 inches.

PaeorRorL Wax Warmer Bulbs, G50 25 Watt Light Bulb

The PaeorRorL bulb is a  25-watt, 120-volt dimmable incandescent bulb with 180 to 240 light output. 

The bulb measures 1.93 inches in diameter and 2.82 inches in length. The bulb boasts safe and high-temperature resistance of up to 300°C/527°F.

These bulbs are suitable for wax lamps and fragrance warmers with the E12 candelabra base.

XIANNIDE YEE, 12 Pack, 25 Watt Bulb.

The Xiannide Yee wax warmer bulbs have a universal socket that allows them to fit a range of lighting fixtures and wax warmers. They are also ideal for use in salt lamps or plug-in nightlight warmers. 

The 120-volt light bulbs produce a warm moon-like glow that efficiently melts the wax thanks to its candelabra shape. 

Compatible universal bulb socket

Compatible universal bulb socket


Can I Use LED Bulbs In Wax Warmers?

LEDs are most appropriate for lighting purposes. LED bulbs aren’t appropriate for wax warmers. LED bulbs produce heat far below the requisite level to melt the wax.

Modern villa with LED light during the night.

Modern villa with LED light during the night.

What Wattage Does Wax Warmer Bulb Require?

A 25-watt bulb will reach a temperature of about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, the wax melts and distributes a pleasant scent across your space. 

How Hot Do Light Bulbs For Wax Warmers Get?

The surface temperature of a given light bulb will vary across various brands. Most wax-warmer bulbs, however, get to a temperature (130 degrees) ideal for melting the wax.


LEDs aren’t the best option when looking for light bulbs for wax warmers. LED bulbs are a great choice for providing light, not heat.

Instead, stick with incandescent or halogen bulbs for more efficiency while still melting the wax to the necessary temperature.

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