Wireless LED Strip Lights: Smartphone App or Remote-Controlled RGB LED Strip Lights


Wireless LED strip lights usually pair with a smartphone app or remote controller to provide the wireless remote control over the lighting effects settings. But innovative wireless LED strip lights are more practical because they give more customization options and fun lighting features over apps or voice control. We have covered these wireless LED strip lights in detail below, with a bias on the intelligent type. Take a look!

What Are Smart Wireless LED Strip Lights

An intelligent wireless LED strip light is a series of connected LEDs that you can access and control via smartphones or intelligent software in the cloud. The lights feature Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave, or Zigbee connectivity for remote control via smartphone apps. Also, some can work with voice-enabled platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control.

An LED strip light in a plastic reel

An LED strip light in a plastic reel

You can optimize their style & appearance and control their lighting effects to enhance your personality or complement the functions of the lit area. Simply put, the lights place creativity in the palm of your hands in an easy-to-use fashion.

A smart column for voice control

A brilliant column for voice control

Possibilities with Wireless Smart LED Strip Lights

You can cut, extend, stick, or bend LED strip lights to fit anywhere. Additionally, it is possible to build wireless network connectivity and intelligence into smart light strips. The freedom in design and installation gives you multiple options, but the scheduled, customized, and controlled bright wireless lighting unlocks limitless possibilities.

A gamer’s rig with LED strip lights

A gamer’s rig with LED strip lights

Smart digital strips usually contain RGB LED lights with various color options for human-centric lighting to customize the atmosphere. You can synchronize the RGB colors to match the dynamic rhythms of beats in music, movie sound effects, and games.

Digital LED Control

Conventional or analog-style LED strips do not have independently-controllable LEDs. However, their digital counterparts have individually addressable RGB devices. A master/ dimmer controller drives the individual LEDs, enabling you to set the entire strip to any color combination at any time.

An LED strip dimmer controller with remote control on the side

An LED strip dimmer controller with remote control on the side

Although you can use DMX controllers for additive color mixing at the string level, digital strips with a master controller have unlimited color patterns. Additionally, they can produce chasing or moving effects. The dimmer controller can vary the light intensity of each LED to create fun lighting effects that appear to move along the strip.

What To Look For in Smart LED Strip Lighting

Depending on your needs, you should consider the following features if creating a functional, adaptable, and manageable wireless RGB LED strip lighting system.

Length and Number of Lights

The first factor to consider is the length and LED density on the RGB LED light strip. If the light strip’s purpose is to illuminate a room, get the longest possible strip with a high LED density.

However, a short strip is better if you want a cabinet lighting kit or TV backlight. The density can be lower because ambient lighting is more important than brightness in this situation.

Patterns and Colors

LED light strips are better for accent, ambient, or mood lighting. However, the right mood or accent depends on the situation, room, or personal preference. For instance, bathroom and bedroom mood light colors can differ.

LED mood lighting in a modern living room

LED mood lighting in a modern living room

Light strips for your cinema room should have more color options with color-changing patterns to match sound effect rhythms and music beats. If you want static light, such as white light, for your under cabinet or dining room, a 10 to 20-color kit is sufficient.

Build Quality

Build quality in LEDs usually looks at how well they dissipate heat. LEDs can last thousands of hours, translating to a decade or more when in use. However, excessive heat destroys LEDs.

A wireless light strip with an inadequate heat management system can lose thousands of bulb life hours. Also, poor-quality LEDs can emit excessive heat, leading to early death. Therefore, avoid buying cheap LEDs or those with negative customer reviews. 

However, external factors like poor ventilation in cabinets and other installation areas can cause them to overheat. Keep that in mind.

Power Supply

For permanent home installation, get AC-powered strips because they are the most reliable units for long-term indoor use. These AC units usually come with a power adapter or get hardwired into the electrical system.

LED under counter strip lighting

LED under counter strip lighting

However, some units draw power from USB ports. These light strips are usually shorter and ideal for gaming PCs or TV backlights.

There are battery-powered light strips, as well, that can run on solar energy or any 12-volt battery system. These varieties are ideal for off-grid homes or vehicles.

Ease of Installation

LED light strips are lightweight and have a double-sided adhesive on the rear side for sticking to any smooth surface. Zip ties are also better than the strip light adhesive for installation inside a gaming PC. However, more permanent installations require screw-in brackets.

Best Wireless LED Strip Lights

Govee Smart WiFi RGB LED Lights

With two rolls of 25 feet strips, this Govee wireless light strip gives you 50 feet of 450 lamp beads for colorizing your living space. The unit features 64 scene modes, DIY control-changing control, and multiple lighting effects, with easy-to-operate controls via a mobile app, control box, or remote control.

But perhaps the best control option is via voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This hands-free voice control enables easy switching between multiple fun lighting effects for movie nights, parties, morning routines, etc.

A Google Home mini smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in

Another outstanding feature of these LED lights is the enhanced music mode. The strip features a built-in mic with high sensitivity that synchronizes the lighting to the music to produce a spectacular display. It has Calm and Dynamic music modes that are ideal for creating light effects when hosting parties.

LIFX Lightstrip Color Zone

LIFX gives you a wide selection of voice control options, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. And if you are a gamer, you can extend your system to include these color-changing lights because they are compatible with Razer Chroma.

A gamer’s rig with LED RGB lighting

A gamer’s rig with LED RGB lighting

LIFX also uses Polychrome Technology with 16 addressable zones to animate or paint multiple colors along the strip then the app brings them to life.

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Strip Lights

Phillips is one of the most established lighting equipment manufacturers, and their wireless strip lights do not disappoint. Like the LIFX light strip above, this unit is voice compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

If you don’t want to use voice commands, the strip light is compatible with the Hue Bluetooth app. This Bluetooth app option is the easiest way to get started, enabling you to control up to 10 lights simultaneously.

LEDs can produce harsh light, and this strip features a premium matte silicone sleeve for diffusing the light. This sleeve has a milky white finish that blends seamlessly with any installation surface.

Wrap Up

As you can see, these wireless LED strip lights can transform your indoor space into a mood-lit area to suit different activities. Whether you want to host a wedding or gaming night, these strip lights strips will make it an unforgettable event. That’s it for this article. If you need these LEDs, leave a message, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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