ws2812 VS ws2812b – What’s the Difference in the Addressable RGB LED Strips?


Smart RGB LED strips, custom PCBs, or modules are popular in electronic product development. Besides being cheap, they have a bright luminescence, convenient pinout and footprint, and easy-to-use protocol. WS28XX family falls under the intelligent RGB LED strip. For instance, we have WS2811 chip, WS2812, and WS2813 LED. Today, we will discuss the differences between WS2812 VS WS2812B. 

Various LED light strips 

Various LED light strips 

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Overview of ws2812 VS ws2812b


WS2812 is a LED strip applicable in several projects because of its good color consistency, high brightness, and low driving voltage. Furthermore, the LED is low-power (5V power supply), saves energy, is durable, and has environmental protection advantages. 

Therefore, integrating a control chip in WS2812 LED leads to a convenient installation, small volume, and simple circuit. Its production is by WorldSemi. 



(TWS2812B LED)

WS2812B strip, on the other hand, is an improved version of the WS2812 design with enhanced efficiency and stability. It’s an intelligent control LED light source which incorporates an RGB chip and control circuit in one 5050 component package. 

In addition, it has an internal Integrated Circuit built into the LEDs to help communicate through a 1-wire interface. Also, it amplifies the drive using a signal reshaping circuit, and an intelligent digital port data latch. 

Being digital LED strip lights, addressable LEDs have integrated drivers to permit individual control of LED brightness and color. In other words, one LED can be different in brightness and color compared to the next. That contributes to stunning and complex lighting effects.

ws2812 VS ws2812b: Mechanical Properties Comparison

Despite having a similar size, the WS2812B strip has a PAD number with four pins, while the WS2812 has six pins. The decrease in nails causes an increase in spacing between adjacent legs.  Sometimes, it can pose challenges like a short circuit, reducing circuit applications. 

Then, VSS and VDD (power source or supply) pins are diagonal. When there’s a more robust power capacity, the stability rises.

Also, there’s a vast ground and power due to the PCB layout area of copper foil bearing capacity. 

ws2812 vs ws2812b: Brighter LEDs & Improved Color Uniformity

Secondly, one of the biggest advantages of the WS2812B LED chip over WS2812 is improved color uniformity and higher brightness levels. 

ws2812 vs ws2812b: Internal Structure Improved

WS2812B chip outshines WS2812 in its structure. Manufacturers have separated RGB light and control circuits while modifying the system. As a result, there’s more robust control and improved heat dissipation performance.

Further, since the two modules are unrelated, they work independently with a short line distance. In turn, there’s even more stabilization. 

  1. ws2812 IV ws2812b: Safety performance comparison (Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit)

Finally, WS2812B has an added reverse protection circuit compared to W22812. The course enables you to reverse the power supply connection, i.e., ground and power pins, without damaging the product. Thus, you increase the product’s stability. 

The protection circuitry feature is essential when working with strips, and you need external power supplies having high amperage ratings. 


It’s a wrap for today, but remember, always reach out to us for more learning about RGB LED light strips. 

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