Flashlights Can Start a Fire: Is This Myth or Fact?


Are you planning to go on a campfire trip? Well, if you have a flashlight, you may wonder whether flashlights can start a fire. And Is that a myth or fact?

In fact, it depends. If all the right states are accessible, then powerful flashlights will start fires. For illustration, if a flashlight LED is in direct sunlight, the lens could act like a magnifying glass. Then it will concentrate the sun to ignite the fuel source.

In this article, we’ll illustrate what flashlight fires are exactly.

How Do Fires Ignite?

Any fire starts with the three essentials obligatory for ignition: heat, fuel, and oxygen. The combination of these factors generates an exothermic reaction. Then through this reaction, we will have a fire.


Fuel is any matter that can react with atmospheric oxygen. For illustration, it can be paper, gasoline, or any flammable solids.

Also, fuel can be in the form of gas such as propane, methane, or natural gas.


Oxygen is available in the air all around us. Without oxygen, we will not be able to have a fire. When the fuel and oxygen unite, it generates heat power.


Heat is the ignition source. Without heat, we cannot have a fire even if all other elements are accessible. We can get it from many things. Some of them are white light, halogen light, electricity, sparks, or even friction.

In other words, heat is the power that starts the reaction between fuel and oxygen. Then the temperature elevates until it gets to the flashpoint.

The flashpoint is the temperature degree at which the fuel vaporizes. Then it generates a self-sustaining ignition.

The Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle

How Many Lumens Are Necessary to Start a Fire?

There’s no definitive reply to how many lumens are obligatory to start a fire. It leans on several factors. It includes the igniting material and the weather conditions.

Also, it includes aiming and light focus. Yet, we can make some presumptions depending on the available analysis.

For illustration, studies showed that light with a luminous intensity of 2300 lumens could ignite paper or wood.

Of course, this is just a starting phase. In fact, you will be more or less light depending on the specific environmental factors.

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

How Can I Make a Fire with a Bodied Flashlight?

First, you’ll need any matter that will catch fire, which can be anything from dry leaves and grass to thin bark strips or cotton balls. By the time you gather your fuel, build a small pile.

Next, break the glass of the lens cap off your handheld flashlight. Similarly, break the glass surrounding the bulb’s filament inside the flashlight. Once you’ve finished collecting the fuel, fill the top of the flashlight with it. Then turn on the flashlight.

Now, you should move the flashlight closer to the campfire you prepared ahead. Then, wait for a few seconds until the fire is transferred to the campfire.

Stylish Campfire Gear 

Stylish Campfire Gear 

The Top 5 Best Fire-Starting Flashlights

1. Streamlight 44311 Vulcan 180 LED Rechargeable Lantern

This bright LED flashlight has a max brightness of 1200 lumens. This 1200-lumen flashlight will do the job! The nylon material is durable, and you won’t fear it breaking.

With 4.75 working hours, they will stand by you most of the night on a campfire trip. And the dedicated lithium-ion battery charger will have your back in any emergency.

2. Streamlight 90744 Knucklehead Spot Alkaline Light

This incandescent flashlight’s maximum brightness is 180 lumens. It is a reliable fire-starting flashlight. This bright light has a powerful beam of light that can reach up to 210 meters.

Also, it runs on battery type of AA alkaline rechargeable batteries. So you don’t have to worry about recharging it.

And their runtime lowest mode is 16 hours! This way, you will rest your back all night long.

3. Streamlight 88837 PolyTac 90X USB

This cool light is one of the brightest flashlights. It produces a maximum output of 500 lumens of light. Also, it has a beam throw distance of 167 meters, making you feel safer.

Plus, these coolest flashlights include a USB charging cable. So you never have to worry about keeping up with spare flashlight batteries. 

LED flashlight

LED flashlight

4. Streamlight 88836 PolyTac 90X

With this all-purpose light, you get 500 lumens and a 167-meter beam distance. Plus, this brightest LED flashlight runs on CR123A Lithium batteries for more convenience. With the Li-Ion USB built-in charger Battery life Pack, you will have safe camping.

Their run time on high is 3.75 hours. You might think this is a bit short, but they will get your back.

5. BrightStar Responder Right Angle Flashlight

This type is a great choice if you need to light up tight spaces. This bright flashlight produces up to 205 lumens of light.

The most important key features are the 477-meter beam distance and the AA batteries. Also, these brightest budget flashlights work up to 4 hours. So, they will light up a reasonable deal of your night.


Starting a fire with a flashlight is a significant skill. With the right supplies, you can start a camping light or light up other regions.

We hope we have given you the practical information to start your efficient flashlight fire. If you still have queries, please contact us anytime you want to. 

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